Vortex Energy

On a night at the beginning of this year when the atmospheres where breathing new waves of energy with a polar vortex, I wrote this tune in one little spontaneous live take in the studio. Because the track differs from my regular work I was searching for another alias. Which I wanted already for tracks in this kind of style

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New website

If you didn’t notice already, there is a new website in front of you. Because my old website was not facilitating what I do right now and it couldn’t grow with me, I needed another one. Here it is! Currently you find only the basic information. There will be content added in the next time like a full discography, links

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Studio sessions #2 Decorating a track using Renoise and Korg Wavestate

Hi peepz. Last week I published my first studio session video on Youtube. Today I have a new one. I’m still working on the same remix. Adding decorating sounds. That’s like coloring the last touches on a drawing. When you play a track you’re working on and listen to the separate sounds and you discover gaps where it’s possible to

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First Studio Sessions video

Hi peepz, Here is the first video in a range of take outs I record on a particular subject that comes by in the studio. I’m still working to get the video setup better. A second cam, better light and screen sharing. In this session I’m working in Renoise on one of the three current remix projects. One thing I

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