Article about AI and music production

I have been following developments of AI since the arrival decades ago. Since it also finds applicability in music production, I investigate the possibilities, pros and cons with a very skeptical view.

At this moment I am working for Sony Music Entertainment on a research program and I am even more involved in this area in the background.

Now there has an article been published on the Bax Music website in which I introduce the possibilities and why, despite great enthusiasm, I remain very skeptical about the application of this technology in music production. The article is in dutch only, but it can be translated well to any language.

Live studio recordings for songwriting

This is a very fine workflow I like to take for writing songs.
I record a live performance on a combination of mostly hardware and some software synths controlled by separated outboard controllers. Then clean up the recording as can be seen now in the picture below. From there one taking it to a next stage in the writing proces by writing some extra here and there.
After that I’m going on with the audio, pure sound design. And in the final stage mixing it all from the bottom up. With this approach I can manage to keep emotional expression of human performance in music, combined with modern day digital tools which give an extra creative opportunity to add flavor and expression to a track.



The recording as shown above can be listened here:


Website maintenance

The website is currently undergoing a restyling and translation from Dutch to English. During the time of this maintenance it is possible that some content appear in Dutch and some in English. We work hard to finish this as soon as possible.

RAM IO – Interlude for global transmission

Interlude for global transmission is an ambient piece of 21 minutes long. It takes you through a calming soundscape with a swirl of tubes that resonate through space. The track has already been picked up by a number of artists and is getting warm support. The official release is on March 1. The track is already exclusively available at Bandcamp.

Renoise to Reaper template

The question of how to run an instance of Renoise multi track in Cockos Reaper, with or without the help of Rewire, arises frequently.

In 2011 I wrote a template to do this with a simple mouse click. By default it has a one-to-one routing for audio and midi. Eight tracks from Renoise end up on eight tracks in Reaper. In addition, there are four send buses from Renoise that connect to four Reaper tracks. The eight main tracks are grouped in Reaper and also have a group level. All functionality on the tracks such as Mute, Record Arm and Solo is implemented.

The template is an excellent basis for quickly getting started with this combination of tools. It can be adapted to your own wishes.

t has been available for download in the Reaper Stash since 2011 and has been downloaded hundreds of times. Because the demand for it is still current (as it turned out today) I have now also included it on this website under the menu Resources.