Mario Vinizo – Unconscious Behaviour Response

It’s like there was something hunting on this release, but that’s ok. Now it has an even bigger story.

After some distribution issues the first of the three delayed releases is out now! The music is one of the few tracks I’ve written in 2017 when things wheren’t going that well with my health. Due massive pressure on my cognitive functioning as a result of an unexpected situation that happened after I asked help for my health and taking care of some things in my music work I had periods that I was unable to take decissions full with the ratio anymore. I felt like a shrimp sometime. Not that my other music is rational. I’m strongly connected to my intuïtion, but in ordinairy circumstances theres balance between both and they work together. That’s why I gave it the title named after the state I was in. The other track on the EP stands for the opposite and how I go through life! By instinct. The situation described above is a direct result from taking this of from me by external factors.

Because the music differs much from regular work I’ve chosen to release this one under another alias. Frans de Waard (as QST) & JAN LIEFHEBBER (official) did both a wonderful job on their remixes. The release should have been out in december 2021 and is now finally available on all download stores.