Born in the Netherlands. Raised by two music loving parents. Having an artistic, technical and curious mindset that drives me. Working in the music industry with more than 15 years of professional experience on different fields like live technique/mixing, studio technique/recordings, music production, live performance and software development. Both on free artistic work and for commission. Started both, music making and programming at a young age. As far as I know there was music in my life. One way, or the other.

As a child I learned mixing by taping and cutting cassettetapes of my parents. Their appreciation was not what I had expected but the beginnings of a long journey in music was born. When I had to babysit on my other two brothers while they where partying out, I turned the living room into a disco by making it as dark as possible and watching MTV Party zone while observing every detail of the music that was performed or talked about, or I took their whole record collection inside out.

As a little kid once I walked away from the visit at my grand parents to one of their neighbors Ben Liebrand, and asked him everything about his work and studio. My parents still at home of my grand parents where missing me and had to wait to go home until I was back because the story took a little more than a moment and I enjoyed it very well. Ben Liebrand is for mixing and in some ways artistic still an example for me.

As a teenager I DJ’ed a couple of years but I decided to focus more on the studio work and build my first studio. I released some records on hardcore labels, did pre- and post productions and a lot of live mixing for bands and electronic live acts with names as Acid Junkies, Asuna, Postmen, Lauren Hill and De Thuisband among others. I worked for Drum ‘n Rhythm festival, ID&T, Paul Achtenberg Geluid and De Moor creative industries back then. After that I worked a couple of years in the software industry for security and Internet companies but one day I stood up in the office and decided to exchange The code applications for Renoise, one of my favorite DAW’s. I had put myself the goal to get myself an expert in Renoise. From 2011 I decided to go full on music and music technology. I started producing and mixing again with a side job at Doornroosje as a dance technician. A couple of years I did performances both, as RAM IO as a solo artist and with my mate Dennis under the alias Silen. While collaborating with artists as Jan Liefhebber, DJ Isha, and Jeane Isadou. We had a lot of fun throwing our sound around.

Since 2017 I’m full focused on music production, remixing, studio work like mixing, pre- and post production, performing, hosting workshops and sometimes development for music software. I’m working from my studio in one of the finest (electronic) music cities of the Netherlands, Nijmegen. With her great venues and festivals this city is delivering and breathing music in a very wide range from experimental, contemporary classical, jazz, world music, rock and luckily a lot of electronic music. It’s great to work and live in such a wonderful city as the center point of where it happens. I’m involved with a couple of local initiatives and with the experimental music and art venue Extrapool.

Releasing on labels like Rige Entertainment, Prescribed Trax, Uptempo Hardcore Records, Kobalt Music and Mecanik Records.

Mecanik Records is one of the two labels I run. The label is delivering mostly hard, industrial techno. Beside Mecanik Records there is RAM IO Music. That can be seen as my most personal outlet for music and public playground and is not bounded to a genre specific.

Services I offer:

Music production
Sound design
Audio restoration

Artistic production approach:

As an artist/producer I prefer working from intuition when it comes to expression, despite my love for modern technologies. Technology is a wonderful tool which I love for the innovative possibilities along side analogue gear. I think that the sweet spot exists in best of both worlds. That’s one of the reasons I embraced a hybrid approach on production with hardware and software. Capturing the feel in music while talking with the machines. Blending pure characteristic sounds of analogue gear and the creative possibilities of digital, while keeping the heart and soul of the music alive.

Artists and clients:

I did collaborations with artists from the electronic music scene in different genres like Artifex, DJ Isha, Silen, Jeane Isadou, Dave Dope, Kracht, Jan Liefhebber, D-Tox, Frans de Waard alongside technical work like mixing for a range of artists as Lauren Hill, Postmen, De thuisband, Direct and electronic music acts like Knarsetand, Animaltag, Developer, amongst many others.

Worked with clients like De Moor Creative industries, Paul Achtenberg Geluid, ID&T, Doornroosje, Incubate festival, Bevrijdingsfestival, Omroep Gelderland, Gebroeders van Limburghuis, Artez Kunstacademie, Delicious Entertainment, De Versimpelaar, Skyline REV and Paul Dirks Music, Sony music entertainment.