I was born in 1980 in the Netherlands. Raised by two music loving parents. Having an artistic, technical and curious mindset that drives me. Working mainly in the music industry with more than 15 years of professional experience on different fields like live technique/mixing, studio technique/recordings and music production. Both on free artistic work and for commission. Beside that I worked as a software engineer for tech companies and now doing some music related freelance and own projects. 

Releasing on different labels like Rige entertainment, Kobalt Music and Mecanik Records.

Services I offer:

– Music production
– Sounddesign
– Editing/Mixing

Clients and Artists:

Worked with clients like De Moor Creative industries, Paul Achtenberg Geluid, ID&T, Doornroosje, Incubate festival, Omroep Gelderland, Gebroeders van Limburghuis, Artez Kunstacademie, Delicious Entertainment, De Versimpelaar, Skyline REV and Paul Dirks Music.

And for a wide range of artists as Lauren Hill, Postmen, De thuisband, Marco Borsato, Direct and Knarsetand alongside technical work for and collaborations with artists from the dance music scene.

Artistic production approach:

As an artist/producer I prever working from intuition when it comes to expression, despite my love for modern technologies. Technology is a wonderful tool which I love for the innovative possibilities along side analogue gear. I think that the sweet spot exists in best of both worlds. Thats one of the reasons I embraced a hybride approach on production with hardware and software. Capturing the feel in music while talking with the machines. Blending pure characteristic sounds of analogue gear and the creative possibilities of digital, while keeping the heart in the music in tact.

Software development:

As mentioned, beside the music and audio part I develop software. Using libraries like Juce for audio plugin development. And websites for music platforms. Other frameworks and languages: Net, C#, VB. Net, C++, Javascript, CSS, HTML.