Audio restoration

Sometimes imperfections are a great addition to recordings. Other times it’s necessary, or aesthetic an improvement to remove them.

Sounds like hisses, impulses, crackles, plops and clicks can be removed surgically with a great set of tools. Another thing that is possible in the audio restoration field is to seperate sounds which are combined in a recording. Removing voice overs from music and other sounds, or seperate a complete song or movie sound into the original parts as for example drums, bass, leads, keys, vocals etc.

If an audio source that needs to be restoration is on an analogue medium it’s most time the best solution to replicate it to a digital medium before the restoration proces takes place. In that case I can help you with both, analogue and digital media.

I have a set of tools with deep knowledge of them and experience on this kind of work. Because projects for audio restoration can be different a lot it’s best to discus the options first before having a take on it. Most times I do these projects with a fixed price.