First Studio Sessions video

Hi peepz, Here is the first video in a range of take outs I record on a particular subject that comes by in the studio.

I’m still working to get the video setup better. A second cam, better light and screen sharing.

In this session I’m working in Renoise on one of the three current remix projects. One thing I learned while producing is organize.

Chaos is fun. Chaos is good! Chaos is the ultimate playground.

Organizing things can bring your tracks to the next level.

When I’m working on a track, every single sound has it’s own channel. De kick, closed hihat, open hihat, toms etc. But also the synths. Everything. And even more better, group them to busses. In this remix project I came across a thing that is coming by more. Stems that are merged together in one wave file. That makes the sounds in it more depending on each other. And by that reason it is limiting the possibilities to go crazy with them separated. So the sounds can play together in the spectrum. In this video I take you through the process of splitting various sounds in one stem in Renoise.

The video is as is. Like I said, improvement is on it’s way. Enjoy!

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