Music production

Music production is in first case something of myself. It’s a thing that I need to do. Without I get mad and I may need therapy. No, little joke! But it is a personal thing in first case for sure. To be able working on music production at it’s best I need freedom. Freedom from everything. No rules, no targets, maybe a deadline but that’s it. In the last couple of years I have done more and more releases and the energy is flowing for more to come too. Both new work and archives.

The production studio. A hybrid workspace with both in the box and outboard gear and measured acoustics.

As a full indie artist

On the free artistic part I produce Techno, Hardcore, Breakcore, Drum ‘n Bass and Ambient at the moment. Bringing this to public over time under aliases like RAM IO, Counterpart, Mario Vinizo, D-Tone 8, Impulse factory, Bass Alert and sometimes just as Mario Reijnen.

I’ve made myself a lifestyle dedicated to music production. Living close to the woods, as near by the city centre provides me an ideal environment for making music in the studio, visiting, or participating on events and enjoying nature in the woods. Which all inspire me an keep me in a flow of continue focus with a great balans of productivity, socializing, easy ability for travelings, healthy living and being connected with nature and friends.

I like to spend time in the studio with someone else and make a great time in there. In that way I do collaborations with other artists. Sometimes these collaborations cross wide ranges of genres. The experiment and playroom for discovery in both, good chats, pizza’s, artistic specialties in any collaboration can bring magic. In that way I compose songs together, or do remixes for others and vice versa.

Commissioned work and sync licencing

Because music production is something personal I can’t and will not work else than with this total freedom. That doesn’t mean that I can’t write music for a direct goal. In fact, I did and still do. I wrote music for television programs and theater shows. And I’m still open for that kind of projects as long as I am able to keep my indie artistic field completely free and separated from the commissioned work. Being independent as an artist is something which I have high valued. Only in that way I can be true connected with myself without being influenced for my music.

A short animation movie wherefore I the full production did. I asked Julia Vrijdag for playing the piano. Sound design, composition, instruments (strings, choirs, pads and sound FX) and production by Mario Reijnen

The request for the project was to compose and produce a song which started sadly and synchronized on the video should play more open and happy. Which resulted in this deep intense video with animations done by .

Writing a song is not such a thing like the more technical stuff as mixing, sound design, or restoration. Important to mention here is that these are a true art in their fields too.
While writing a song I avoid all technical decision making thinking (the ratio). It’s a very intuitive proces. When working with clients on this kind of projects we discuss the ideas first. In some cases I have already something on the shelves that would fit, or can be a starting point. In other cases I write completely from scratch. And yeah, sometimes it can happen that there is nothing coming out. Then I am not your man to help you with this. If it’s not coming natural dan it better should not come at all. When that happens I’ll guide you to other options.