Renoise to Reaper template

The question of how to run an instance of Renoise multi track in Cockos Reaper, with or without the help of Rewire, arises frequently.

In 2011 I wrote a template to do this with a simple mouse click. By default it has a one-to-one routing for audio and midi. Eight tracks from Renoise end up on eight tracks in Reaper. In addition, there are four send buses from Renoise that connect to four Reaper tracks. The eight main tracks are grouped in Reaper and also have a group level. All functionality on the tracks such as Mute, Record Arm and Solo is implemented.

The template is an excellent basis for quickly getting started with this combination of tools. It can be adapted to your own wishes.

t has been available for download in the Reaper Stash since 2011 and has been downloaded hundreds of times. Because the demand for it is still current (as it turned out today) I have now also included it on this website under the menu Resources.