Sound design

Sound design is like making a song to me but then particular focused on one, or a set of sounds combined.

I use different techniques for the different use and results of sound design. Both, digital and analogue. I must admit that sometimes I have a little addiction on collection analogue vintage gear and small percussive instruments, particularly for the sounds they make.


Some of the vintage and percussive stuff like rain makers, chains, clickers, triangles, African drums, conga’s, maraccas, egg shakers, an Atari 1024 ST and an old tapedeck which I use for delays and noises. Oh, and the studio monkey ofcourse!

Recording is not always a necessary part of sound design, but it may be required to get that particular sound. I have a growing collection of own recorded sounds and sometimes a source is already available in the shape needed.

By the reason of the obscure vintage gear collection as mentioned above I have a lot of sources to record from and to be creative with. But in fact almost everything can be used as a sound source. For recording I have a small collection of microphones like Rode NTG1 and Shure SM57 LC and as part from the obscure vintage gear some very weird microphones.

With the combination of a particular microphone, a pre-amp and sound source I can shape a sound even more on the most important part of sound design, the very first starting point. Beside recording from gear and stuff as a source I also like to go in nature with a shotgun mic while getting lost in the woods.


When the right sources are available the processing can begin. I have both, analogue and digital gear to do the job, or as in many times in combination. With a strongly selected collection of plugins I can do any crazy thing with a sound in a high quality production environment. Working with high bitrates and hard processing makes that a requirement to get an outstanding result. A Korg Wavestate synthesizer is also a great tool to construct a sound with from own recorded sources. The synthesizer can load these sounds and after that all the possibilities of the synthesizer can be applied on the source sounds. On the analogue path I use mixer chains, effect pedals, error sounds like feedback.

Sound designing on the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.

Projects and availability

For projects that need a particular sound, or a set of particular sounds I can make it, or maybe I have it already. I will take care of a good harmony of all different sounds that can be used in a project and have experience for short movies, documentaries, podcasts, or whatever. Contact me for more information on the possibilities. Most time I handle a fixed price for a project.

There are also libraries available online some free, some paid. On this website you can find downloads under the section Resources and they are also available on other websites like music blogs, shops and

– You can always make me happy whit something that’s producing strange, or obscure noises and sounds. Also I still have a Bontempi Memoplay waiting for a modification. If you are some one making mods on strange gear and think you have something fun, make my day! 🙂 –