New website for Mecanik Records

Mecanik Records has recently been given a new look. In-house designer of the record label Suzanne Marije has gone creatively and developed a style that better matches with what we want to convey. Simplicity, raw, industrial. At this moment the last refinements are still taking place, but it is possible to take a look already:

RAM IO – Interlude for global transmission

Interlude for global transmission is an ambient piece of 21 minutes long. It takes you through a calming soundscape with a swirl of tubes that resonate through space. The track has already been picked up by a number of artists and is getting warm support. The official release is on March 1. The track is already exclusively available at Bandcamp.

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Harpy Hunt Down

In 2018 dook ik met Max Albers (CoatHanger) de studio in om een nieuwe track te produceren. Live gitaren met metal invloeden op hardcore drum ‘n bass werd het uitgangspunt. Deze track is op 11 januari uitgekomen en inmiddels in de meeste digitale winkels verkrijgbaar. Harpy Hunt Down by RAM IO, CoatHanger